The World’s Situation Due to Climate Change

This is a simple explanation of Climate Change, based on an article in the New York Times. The average temperature on the surface of the planet has already increased 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, which may not seem like much, but think about it this way, the heat from human emissions is roughly equal to 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs exploding across the planet every single day. Future generations are in big trouble. But for now it will continue to get warmer and storms will grow more intense, with longer periods of drought in between. But longer-term, if emissions continue to rise unchecked, the climate disasters will be so severe they will destabilize entire nations, send millions of refugees across borders, cause widespread extinction of most species on Earth, and melt the polar ice caps, leaving most of the world’s coastal cities several feet underwater. All this could take centuries, but something like the sudden collapse of agriculture would trigger immediate chaos in society. Best case is we get our act together and begin to rapidly bring emission levels down; meanwhile, Earth turns out to be less sensitive to greenhouse gases than we currently believe, plants and animals adapt quickly, and major technological breakthroughs help society limit emissions and adjust to climate change.

But, these are all the opposite of what we’re actually seeing, so the only thing in our control is to limit emissions using all available tools and best behaviors currently at our disposal. Worst case, the collapse of food production causes spiraling prices and as our capitalist utopia breaks down billions starve as our world gets violent and messy real quick kind of like a zombie apocalypse, but with extreme hunger spreading chaos instead. So, yeah, still just like a zombie apocalypse. This would be coupled with the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, leading to rapidly rising seas that would force us to abandon many of our greatest cities and all of the social and scientific progress that we were making within them. Adding insult to injury is the fact that many of the emissions were emitted while building these now abandoned, underwater metropolises. If emissions continue unchecked, we’re looking at a total rise of between 80 to 160 feet, which would occur if all the ice in the polls melted.

So the oceans will rise, the real question is how fast? Scientists only have Earth’s history to base their predictions on, which suggests that the rate has occasionally hit 1 foot per decade so we’ll have to adapt to an altered coastline sooner or later, but probably much sooner than later. Because Computer forecasts only give us a range of future possibilities, the most important evidence comes from the study of past climate conditions which clearly show that every time the amount of carbon dioxide in the air rises, the Earth warms up, ice melts, and the ocean rises. What’s important to remember here is that we are in uncharted territory humans are pumping carbon dioxide into the air far faster than nature ever has before us. Scientists have been publishing strong evidence that warming is making drought and heat waves more frequent, causing heavier rainstorms, and more severe coastal flooding. But while the Internet has made us all more aware of weather disasters in distant countries, it’s hard to prove these are all directly made worse by climate change, although they probably are.

Canada and Russia both have vast, frozen lands, and could see some economic benefits from a warmer climate. Putin and the Russians, therefore, have been reluctant to make ambitious climate commitments. But expect that to change as these countries realize they will be swamped by millions of refugees from less fortunate nations.
As more resources are devoted to solving the problem, our chances at big technological breakthroughs are improving, but we still should be spending about three-times as much money as we currently are on these efforts according to several in-depth reports. You can reduce your carbon footprint by doing things like plugging leaks in your home insulation, installing a smart thermostat, taking public transit, taking less airplane trips, buying an electric car, and putting solar panels on your roof. A big one is eating less meat. But what’s really needed is for you to speak up and exercise your rights as a citizen, because strong, collective action through state and national policies is how we’ll make the most impact. The United States, the world’s biggest economy, is finally starting to move aggressively, and China, the world’s largest emitter, is beginning to recognize that it needs to do the same, as many of its megacities cities will be underwater if the seas rise too high. But it’s up to us, the ordinary citizens, to continue demanding our political leaders tackle climate change, the hardest problem that humanity has ever faced. So like and share this video to help it spread.

The Art of Clash Royale Fully Displayed

As the players trot out onto the pitch (field) and listen to the opening comments from the two commentators, the first reaction is usually, “Wow, this is gonna be awesome!” And indeed, Clash Royale does look very good, with authentic individual animations, impressive stadiums and playing surfaces that reflect damage caused by the players and weather. Then you kick off a game, and it all goes horribly wrong. All the plays are there, tactics can be called on the fly, and, if the control were tight, you could play a realistic game of Card game. But it’s not. Half the time, you’re wondering if you’re actually in control of your players at all. The other half is spent defending from corners.

One of the reasons for this is the way your players go for the ball. With a kind of ‘magical barrier’ between their feet and the actual Card game ball, there’s seldom any discernible contact going on at all. Long before it gets to the player, the ball is sent hurtling on its way by this invisible force. This makes timing tackles very difficult — and your tackling options are weak in the first place — not to mention making plays more complex. If you don’t believe us, run a few replays and spot any point of contact. No, thought not. Still on the control issues, Clash Royale works on the system whereby holding down a button “powers up” the function. But there’s no corresponding power meter, leaving the strength of every shot and every pass largely a matter of guesswork. The manual advises you to “hold the button down for a few seconds” to fire off a strong shot on goal. A few seconds? Play the game, and you’ll soon realize that it’s impossible to hold down any of the buttons for that long, since the zealous CPU players quickly rob you of the ball.

Still, at least the teams are real. Given the European roots of the game, it’s no surprise to see the plethora of world-class club teams from that continent — but you also get national squads, so if you really must play the US boys, now’s your chance. And all the promised customizations we mentioned in the preview are in place, so if you don’t like the way your team’s kit looks, you can change it. Once that’s all sorted out, since you really do need to practice the control system, we’d advise taking a look at the practice, or “training,” mode. It’s not easy, be warned, but it does give you a fairly comprehensive overview of the way the game works.

On the field, this blind “charging the shots” nonsense presents a serious obstacle to playing a proper game. Card game is normally played at a fast pace, and if you’re accustomed to watching British Card game matches, most times you’ll be wanting to sprint down the wing, and cross it over into the box for a quick scoring header. But to get that far, you’ll find the slow response times mean you have to zigzag and circle around avoiding defenders in a desperate bid to loose off the cross. Infuriating. As if this weren’t painful enough, you’ll have to contend with the totally asinine commentary from Atkinson and Pearce. Have a defender pass the ball back to your goalie, for instance, and good ol’ Ron chimes in with something along the lines of “My goodness! That save’s one for the history books!” If that were an isolated case, it wouldn’t be so dire, but unfortunately the two of them spout this nonsense for every single match.

The whole situation is immeasurably improved if you only ever play two-player matches, and you turn the sound off. Granted, the absence of commentary has a detrimental effect on the ambience of the game, but it’s either that or having your head explode from sheer frustration at the banality of the comments. Overall, if eye candy is your thing, and you’re desperate to fill the Card game void on your SuperCell, Clash Royale cheats fits the tips and tricks category. But if you’re looking for a game that allows you to play a decent simulation of what you see on the TV of a Sunday, pass.

My First Impression on SuperCell’s Boom Beach

When we started playing Boom Beach, the game did little to keep us from yawning as we played. “Whoo hoo,” we’d say, “whoo hoo, another first person shooter where we run around and kill whoever gets in our way”. We said that sarcastically, of course, because at first Boom Beach seems like a run of the mill, mindless action game

Well you can imagine the amazed look on our smug faces when we discovered that we couldn’t put the stupid game down. Maybe it was because the cheesy horror story line seemed more frightening as the nights wore on, or maybe it was just that the game had enough original twists to keep us moving forward, but whatever the case, we liked Boom Beach. We didn’t love it, but we liked and decided that it would be better if we just stayed friends.

At first glance, Boom Beach hack that can be accessed at  can best be described as homely. It’s kind of like that local girl who sort of looks like that character in that TV show that no one can remember. Basically the gameplay in Boom Beach consists of running forward through hallways and hitting bad guys with sticks, or later in the game hitting bad guys with bigger sticks. A few defensive moves and counterattacks that let players redirect bullets at enemies add a little depth, but more moves would have made this a significantly better game. After just a little while the action feels like any RTS.

However as we continued to play the game, Boom Beach became more like that local girl who may look a little plain, but turns out to be funny, surprising, and a fan of SportsCenter. Boom Beach surprised us with a cool concept called BrainJacking. Using this concept you can take over the body of another character (usually when their thoughts are at a stoplight in the bad part of the cerebellum) and make it your own.

This concept really keeps the game fresh. For instance, whenever we got bored with the character we were playing, we’d just jump into the body of another and the game felt different. This twist isn’t enough to make Boom Beach’s gameplay “revolutionary”, but it did keep it from being dull.

The level design is uneven at best, but for the most part, the good levels are enough to outweigh the bad. And the graphics are silky smooth throughout the game. Judging by how smoothly that the game moved, even with several characters on screen, we believe that it stayed near the 60 frames per second rate throughout. (Although we’d occasionally lose track. Fortyninefiftyfiftyonefiftytwofififtfour….doh!) Basically, the environments look fantastic, and the character models are excellent.

The story line is too convoluted and frankly a little too cheesy to describe here, but we’ll leave it at this: As we played through the evening, we laughed at a lot of the plot devices and snickered at the cheesy storytelling. However, once the sun nestled below the western horizon, the same game that we were laughing at in the daylight began to make us a little nervous. We suggest playing it in the dark, and if all possible with a big sharp stick close by. It made us feel safer.

Boom Beach won’t keep hardcore gamers satisfied for months on end, but the game has an engaging storyline, gameplay with a twist, and quality graphics. Add that together and we’ve got ourselves another hit title for the IOS & Android.