Spider-Man Noir – Voice By Nicolas Cages

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Spider Man, our friendly neighborhood will be having another animated film and this time around, it’s Nicolas Cage who will play the voice actor of the said animation. Spider-Man Noir is one of the classic Spider Man in Spider-Verse. The schedule for the release of this animated film will be in the last quarter of the year. The Spider-Man Noir is directed by Bob Persichette, Rodney Rothman and Peter Ramsey. In this animated film, they will also introduce some Spider-Man characters like Miles Morales who is the alternate version of Spider Man. Fortunately, this film will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if we have seen Spider-Mans appearance on live-action MCU movies.

The animated movie feature Miles Morales trying to balance his life as a high school student and when there are troubles or crimes present, he will play the role of a superhero. Then he get to stumble upon the original Spider Man Peter Parker and after Parker realize that the boy has the same power he has, he decides to teach the kids on how to use his power and to become a Spider Man. For now, we will get to anticipate the animated movie to introduce us the Spider-Verse, we will get to see plenty of Spider-Man helping together to fight villains, the villains from the past or even the future spider Man. If this is DC comics, this is like bringing all together The Flash from different timeline. If there is Miles Morales, we get to see as well Spider-Gwen which will also play a great role in the movie.

Spider-Man Noir is the Spider Man of the year 1933 during the Great Depression which is part of the Marvel Noir universe. Like Spider-Man (Peter Parker), he was also bitten by spider which was released from a mysterious figure. He was also seen in the 2012 animated series Ultimate Spider-Man in a Spider-Man verse arc. Of course, Spider-Man Noir also appears in the Spider Man verse video games and many other Spider-Man verse arcs. Miles Morales as well is seen on the same arc and the animated movies which are in Disney XD. We will be seeing more Spider Man characters in the future movies whether live action or animated. You can easily recognize these Spider-Man versions from different timeline if you have seen the movie series and the video game. Noir is just very different compared to Spider Man’s version. Spider Man Noir really is effective in his timeline and very clever which make him stand out among Spider Man versions. Nonetheless, this animated film aims to gather together all Spider-Man variations, Noir might have few role despite of his skills and charisma. If you have noticed in the Spider-Man verse, you can also see a Spider-Man but only a talking pig. Sounds so ridiculous.

Of course, we get to see Spider – Man Noir in this animated movie and his character will be a serious type, not like Spider-Man Peter Parker who always talks, probably it’s because he is jus a kid. On the other hand, Cage is a fluid actor which is capable doing any acting in the screen or even in the voice role. Mostly like, he came to the film directors and even suggested that he would like to voice over Spider-Man Noir. Although Cage is not really popular with voice acting, nonetheless we all know that what they are after is his voice which will fit in to the character of Spider- Man Noir.

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Every time the MCU will do something about their characters whether in animation or live action. They will always give hints about their movies and what are the new characters must be involved.

Josie and the Pussycats Review

Josie and the Pussycats could be a great new reality TV show: CBS makes 16 people watch this movie and one by one the contestants leave the theater because they just can’t take it any more. Any contestant who plugs his ears during one of the Pussycats’ grating original songs would be off the show; so would anyone who yawned during one of the 11 montage sequences in this film. Contestants could also be eliminated for trying to follow the “plot,” attempting to find a connection between these characters and their original Archie Comics counterparts, or laughing out loud. If anyone were left standing after the painfully unamusing bloopers-during-the-credits sequence, they’d win the big cash prize and the right to take a free swing at either one of this film’s two directors.

It would be unfair to criticize the plot of Josie and the Pussycats, because there really isn’t one. Most of the film is told in montage form. About every five minutes, the soundtrack kicks up three notches and we get to watch quick cuts of the girls laughing, singing, laughing, spraying each other with hoses, laughing, and laughing. We counted three montages in the first 10 minutes, 11 by the movie’s end, and two occasions that literally featured montages within montages. Between these mini-music videos are a collection of random scenes that serve no purpose other than to remind us that Rachael Leigh Cook is a horrible, horrible, horrible actress.

Josie and her bandmates quickly get signed to a major-label deal by Alan Cumming, a great actor who has unfortunately been typecast as the eccentric British villain. Cumming wants to put subliminal messages onto the Pussycat’s new CD as part of a government conspiracy to market products to teens. This insane plot device gives the producers free reign to sell product placement throughout this film in record volume. This show is very nice to watch online with the new iphone 7 from apple.There is hardly a scene in the film that doesn’t have a corporate logo (usually Starbucks, McDonalds or Target… although probably 50 other products get ample screen time, too) hovering over a character’s shoulder.

There is no one who escapes the vacuum of suck in this movie, except Eugene Levy. He appears for exactly one minute during a Public Service Announcement the record company shows its investors on the benefits of subliminal advertising. As a casting choice, Levy is hopelessly out of place… but his hilarious monologue is this film’s only saving grace. Parker Posey whores out her sterling reputation for a useless role as Cumming’s co-conspirator. Tara Reid is not only miraculously unconvincing as a dumb blonde, but can’t even pull off a scene in which she develops a crush on real-life fiance Carson Daly. Watching the two of them try and act together may be one of the most unintentionally hilarious scenes ever captured on film… and it will no doubt be used as evidence of emotional distress during their eventual divorce hearing.

Just how bad is Josie and the Pussycats? In one scene, two Chinese businessmen discuss VH-1’s Behind the Music about Leif Garrett… and the subtitles misspell his name. In another scene, one character turns to the useless Alexandra Cabot and correctly asks “I don’t understand. Why are you even here?” She simply replies, “I was in the comic book.” It’s a joke that reminds the viewer how far removed these characters are from their cartoon inspirations. Clearly, Universal simply purchased all the names and likenesses, and slapped them onto this “script.”