SuperCell’s Clash of Clans — Set the Trend for Mobile Gaming

There has been rumor that Clash of Clans is not the same anymore. The players of the game are not on the same interest as it was 1 to 2 years ago. Sure, the game is still updating from time to time but the enthusiasm is anymore that high. There are many speculations that it is nothing but ordinary since the game is a couple of years old. Come to think of it, it was released way back 2012. It has broken records already and has made SuperCell one of the wealthiest Company that started small on a mobile game platform. There is nothing really shameful for a game like Clash of Clans to start diminishing its revenue as the years go by.
SuperCell’s ultimate plan is to keep their player base within the system. What do I mean by this? Simple, they are creating similarly interesting games annually. If you can remember from Clash of Clans comes Boom Beach. Not as equally popular, but, it kept the player base from within. Who knows it may have also added some in the process. Because if you are a player of COC, most likely, you will be bored of too much waiting. Those times waiting you will spend playing on other games which is then Boom Beach. That is a genius idea of SuperCell.
Another year has passed, then comes Clash Royale. Not as highly regarded as the  previous two games since this time it was more like a card game. But it turn out to be better than those two (at least on my own honest opinion). The game was fast paced and I don’t have to really wait for big upgrades to enjoy the game. The mechanics is simple and yet, the gameplay is exciting and pretty competitive. Until now there are so many players playing the game and probably the players who were from COC or who quit COC are already playing this game.
The trend all started with Clash of Clans, and the inevitable transition went well for SuperCell. They are the market leader of creating a trend setting mobile game.But here is the  good news for any body who are getting bored playing this game, the company just  made a beta release last week  in Canada and you can only  download and play the game if you are in Canada. Not sure why they did not release it to USA.  I have to ask them  why its in Canada. I need to know some information  as I have some contact from one of their developer.


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